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  • What ages can play?
    Everyone! Your guests of all ages will enjoy our family friendly golf courses and games.
  • Can I put the mini golf course indoors or outdoors?
    Bear & Bee, Creative Events & Celebrations Mini Golf Courses can be operated both outdoors or indoors. Typically, most people think of mini golf being played outdoors, but if it is too hot, too cold or just yucky weather, we suggest that you move your event indoors. We recommend setting up the course in a level area such as a patio, parking lot or driveway, grass field or gymnasium/auditorium for the best experience.
  • How much space do I need for the mini golf course?
    Typically, we recommend around 900 square feet for our 9-hole course. We can set up in much smaller spaces as well as larger areas. You want to enjoy the game so the larger the space will not only accommodate a larger group but allow for some space between holes.
  • How long does it take for you to set up?
    We typically arrive about 30-45 minutes prior to your event starting time for unloading and setup of the course and equipment. Larger events may take additional time. If you’ve selected the Event Planning upgrade we will arrive early to help with decorating and event preparations as well as handle cleanup.
  • Does my rental time include your set up time?
    No, your actual rental time is yours to enjoy!
  • Does Bear & Bee, Creative Events & Celebrations offer a party host/hostess?
    We do offer an Event Planning upgrade that will take all the stress out of your event and give you the freedom to just enjoy the day.
  • What happens if we have bad weather the day of my event?
    We watch the weather in advance of every event. If the forecast is not favorable, we recommend that you operate the event indoors. If you do not have adequate indoor space, then we will work with you to reschedule the event for another date.
  • How do I book a rental?
    Give us a call 970-988-5763 to discuss your event and to check our schedule. We require a $100 nonrefundable deposit to reserve the time/date of your event. We accept credit cards and cash for the deposit. The balance of the rental is due 3 days prior to your event. We only accept cash or credit cards for the payment of the balance.
  • Is there a delivery charge?
    It depends on your location from our service areas. We are very open to road trips so just ask us if we can accommodate your needs!
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